In this Journal, I will attempt to strip away my protective veneer to view and communicate honestly what the truth is as I perceive it. My intent is to grow, for without an honest evaluation of the truth, how else can one fully absorb life's more difficult lessons and benefit by them. If I do this in secret, then I am still hiding behind a protective veneer, so it is being published online. If you find this Journal, you are welcome to read it and hopefully grow from it as well. If you like, you can also share some of your own lessons in life.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Last Saturday our 4-year-old grandson Ikaika was in Bishop, California, hundreds of miles away, with his mother and brother.

Meanwhile, our son Kyle coached his opening game in a basketball league for 4-year-olds, of which Ikaika is a team member. (The team is called, "The Incredibles")

When Ikaika returned, he apologized to his dad for missing the game, and added, "I have to practice so we can win our next game." (He didn't know no score is kept)

We admire this little guy's determination and positive attitude.

7/17/17: Last Saturday Ikaika made his debut. He was the one child who could dribble the ball across the court, while keeping control of the ball, and he scored each shot he took. When the game ended, he got his post-game refreshments, and then he stayed on the court so he could practice more.

8/3/17: Last Saturday, to challenge himself, Ikaika started taking and hitting shots from the outside, as did one child on the other team. It was clear that both children are ready to move-up to the 5 and 6-year-old level. But Ikaika enjoys playing basketball at the 4-year-old level with his buddies from pre-school.

8/26/17: Ikaika and the other kids on both teams had a wonderful season ending game in which a good time was had by all. Anne and I were pleased to have been there to cheer for the children throughout the season. 😀

With Love To All ~ Dick

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