In this Journal, I will attempt to strip away my protective veneer to view and communicate honestly what the truth is as I perceive it. My intent is to grow, for without an honest evaluation of the truth, how else can one fully absorb life's more difficult lessons and benefit by them. If I do this in secret, then I am still hiding behind a protective veneer, so it is being published online. If you find this Journal, you are welcome to read it and hopefully grow from it as well.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Hawaii, July 16 - July 22, 2023 -- A Trip Of A Lifetime

Because of the generosity of Kyle and Diane Kazan, Keoni 23, and Ikaika 10, Brody 18, and Gannon 15, and Anne and I spent a marvelous 6 days together at the luxurious Moana Surfrider Hotel in Waikiki.

Kyle and Diane paid for the hotel and the airfare and paid for many of the meals. Anne and I paid for some meals. In each case, every night for dinner, we ate in some of the finest restaurants in Waikiki.

Mornings were for surfing, and eating at the lavish hotel buffet, the rest of the days were for getting together at the Moana Surfrider beach area and nighttimes were for wonderful meals.

We also visited as guests of Kyle and Diane, the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial. 

These magical times were captured in a two-part professional photo album, courtesy of Diane.

To me, the best part of this trip was having extensive time with so many loved ones at this point in their lives. We laughed, we listened and we shared what are now so many happy memories.

And for Brody and Gannon, there were more special memories, for this was their first airplane trip, and the first time they have been to Hawaii.

In life, one can never know if this will be the last trip of its kind, or the last one with some of our loved ones, but if it is, it could not have been better, nor more generously provided.

With Love To All - Dick

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