In this Journal, I will attempt to strip away my protective veneer to view and communicate honestly what the truth is as I perceive it. My intent is to grow, for without an honest evaluation of the truth, how else can one fully absorb life's more difficult lessons and benefit by them. If I do this in secret, then I am still hiding behind a protective veneer, so it is being published online. If you find this Journal, you are welcome to read it and hopefully grow from it as well.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Ode To A Man Of 76

As I looked in the mirror an old man looked back at me. I asked, "What are your plans," and he said, "Just wait and see, for I have every idea that could ever be."

"Am I too old, that could never be for what beats within me is a heart that is bold, and ideas that cry out to be told."

"Am I too old, that could never be for imagination and inspiration grip me."

"And when I pass, with a thankful heart, I will smile and say, this was a joy, now where else can I play."

With Love To All - Dick

Note: This little poem was influenced by the writings of Shel Silverstein (1930 - 1999)

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